IBMer Spotlight: Preeti Bhisikar

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Curious to know about the IBMers that you see in our branding campaigns? Ever wondered who they are and what they do in IBM? The IBMer Spotlight series is a light and fun installment where you’ll get to meet them all!

Meet Preeti

Preeti Bhisikar is an Indian Army veteran who joined IBM India in 2012. She feels that her transformation journey from being in the Indian Army to joining IBM Security has been an enriching experience of constant evolution, expansion, and empowerment. In her current role as a Managing Consultant for IBM Security, she is responsible for designing the Security solutions and aligning them to the clients’ needs and requirements. She loves the fact that her role demands a lot of creativity and challenges her to meet response timelines. She describes IBM as a vast ocean that provides every IBMer with enormous opportunities to work and build on their interest areas. Let’s find out a little more about her…

I like to start my day
with a “Gratitude is the Attitude” mindset and thanking the universe for showering me with an abundance of love and blessings.

When I get up to go to work, I look forward to
thinking, innovating, and building new solutions to secure the world and make a difference.

I am responsible for
loving, encouraging, inspiring, and accepting myself the way I am, and being in the moment.

My typical day is
filled with enjoying the IBMer journey along with opportunities to drive the transformation at IBM.

The coolest part of my job is
that I get to travel multiple destinations across the globe in my role and meet new and different cultures.

The biggest challenge I have is….
entering the kitchen and cooking something delicious. ??

The most memorable moment in my career is
being commissioned as Indian? Army Officer.

My single most important career advice to someone who wants to join IBM is
to believe in yourself, have faith in the universe’s plan, and follow your dreams.

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