A Collaborative Culture Starts With Acceptance—Here’s Why

This article was originally published on The Muse. By Elizabeth Wellington What do you really want from an employer? Maybe it’s a friendly manager, great perks, and plenty of vacation time. Or the chance to continue learning and further your career. But while those things are all valuable, a positive work experience depends on more […]

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How to Maximize Sleep to Enhance Your Performance

Many adults state the importance of sleep for daily performance, affirming that sufficient sleep is necessary for effectiveness. However, when responding to actually getting the recommended amount of sleep themselves, or when commenting on the sleep status of the majority of individuals, a lesser degree of importance is implied. Does this ring true in your […]

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Movement as a Stimulant – The Often Un-Heralded Option

In the middle of a workday if energy levels are low, do you choose to move or drink coffee? Our guest blogger, Dr. Jacqueline Lee, invites you to choose movement – an alternative that provides a lift without the lag – and shares her tips on using movement to increase performance. By Jacqueline D. Lee, […]

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