Four tips to strengthen the IT and business alliance

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Every year for the past 20 years, IBM has conducted a Global C-suite Study to better understand what’s on the minds of business leaders. This succession of studies has shown IT evolving into a key provider of competitive differentiation for most organizations. The specific challenges and opportunities may change year to year, but the need more

Why having full control of your digital identity matters

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Showing a passport at the border, a driver’s license to the police, or your ID card when buying a house are all examples of how we prove who we are today. It seems we take for granted everything that a central authority (in this case our local government) has done to securely store our identifying more

IBM Power Systems for Linux: What sets Power apart

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The myth that “Linux on x86 is different from Linux on Power” has been promoted by those who wanted you to believe that if you invested in Linux on IBM Power Systems you would get an inferior product that wasn’t “real” Linux, and your applications wouldn’t work as they should. In an earlier post, I more

Behind the scenes with tech trailblazers: Meet Florin Manaila

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“I imagine a future for AI where it will be a part of every business process in every company.” AI is a growing priority for many companies, and across industries, more businesses are exploring where they can put it to work. (In a recent survey by O’Reilly, 85 percent of respondent organizations said they’re evaluating more

Five key things to know about IBM Systems Client Experience Centers

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What if you had access to experts who specialize in the IT solutions you were considering for your business? What if you could test-drive new IT hardware or software to make sure it’s the right fit? IBM Systems Worldwide Client Experience Centers give businesses the opportunity to see firsthand how IBM IT infrastructure can support more

Hyper protect your business for digital transformation

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Your customers may be demanding new and better digital products and services. To meet these evolving needs, we see organizations across many industries changing the way they operate by using digital technologies to build new services and improve efficiencies. In the financial services industry, for example, distributed ledgers and smart contracts have the potential to more

What is edge computing and how can it help my business?

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How we compute has substantially shifted over the years. One innovative method enables real-time action, improves user experience and reduces costs by putting compute power closer to the source of data. It’s called edge computing, and we’re only at the beginning of what it can do. Edge computing is a distributed computing paradigm that moves more

Making life easier for system admins: The IBM PowerVM LPM/SRR Automation tool

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If you’re a system administrator working with IBM Power Systems servers, you know that Live Partition Mobility (LPM) and Simplified Remote Restart (SRR) are essential capabilities for managing your server environment. In the normal course of maintaining your systems, you might need to move partitions because of hardware repairs, firmware updates or VIOS updates. LPM more

AI at the edge: Driving new business opportunities at the point of data creation

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Data has always come from outside the data center. As the number of smart devices generating new data grows, there is a need for faster processing and an increased pressure on networks to process data efficiently. The processing must necessarily leave the data center and move closer to the edge, where the data are created. more