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Frequently asked questions

How do I reset my password?

To reset your account password, go to the Avatar icon > Profile and settings. Then click Change or reset from the Account user information tile.


To reset your VPN password, complete the following steps:

  • Go to Manage > Access (IAM) and select Users
  • Select the user
  • From the VPN subnets section, click the Edit icon to enter a new VPN password
  • Click Apply

How do I change the name or IBM ID in my profile?

You can change your personal information such as name, email or phone number by going to the Avatar icon > Profile and settings. You can’t change your IBMid, but you can create a new one if appropriate. The IBMid worldwide help desk is available to help with general ID questions that aren’t specific to your IBM Cloud account.

How do I upgrade or convert my account type?

If you have a pay as you go or subscription account, you can view your invoice by clicking Manage > Billing and usage and selecting Invoices. Outside of the console, you can also view invoices on the Customer Support Invoices site.

How do I find out what I have access to?

Go to Manage > Access (IAM) and select your name on the Users page. Then, depending on the access you’re looking for, open the different tabs:

  • To see what access you have through the access groups you are assigned, select Access groups
  • To see IAM access policies assigned to you, select the Access policies
  • To see your Cloud Foundry access for all orgs and spaces, select Cloud Foundry access

How do I update my credit card?

Updating your credit card is just like adding a new one. Go to Payments, and in the Add Payment Method section, enter the billing information for your new card, then click Add credit card. To switch to a different payment method, select Pay with Other and then click Submit change request. A support case to change your payment method will be created for you.

How do I apply a promotional feature code?

For educational initiatives or special events, you may receive a feature code, which adds extra capabilities to Lite accounts. To redeem this promo code, go to Account settings, and click Apply code.


For infrastructure purchases, you might receive a promo code from the Sales team to get a discount on your order. Enter these infrastructure-specific promo codes in the customer portal at checkout.

Where can I access my invoice?

If you have a pay as you go or subscription account, you can view your invoice by clicking Manage > Billing and usage and selecting Invoices. Outside of the console, you can also view invoices on the Customer Support Invoices site. Lite accounts don't have invoices because you're never charged for Lite plan usage.

Why is my account deactivated?

Your account might be deactivated for the following reasons:

  • For trial accounts, the trial period ended. To reactivate your account, log in and upgrade it to a pay as you go account. It might take a few days to fully reactivate.
  • An authorized user canceled the account
  • The account is suspended. At the discretion of IBM, accounts that violate the acceptable usage behaviors of the IBM Cloud services can be disabled without notice. Some services can be restored if users correct their usage behaviors after they're notified of the offensive action.


If you believe that your account was deactivated in error, contact support by calling 1-866-325-0045 and selecting the third option.

What’s a Lite pricing plan for services?

A Lite plan is a free quota-based service plan. You can use a service Lite plan to build an app without incurring any charges. A Lite plan might be offered on a monthly cycle that is renewed each month or on a one-off usage basis. You can have one instance per Lite plan service. Lite pricing plans are offered in all accounts. For more information about Lite accounts, see Account types.

How do I get support in the console?

Click Support in the console menu bar to access the Support Center. From there, start with leveraging the list of common FAQs. If you don't find the answers that you need, see the Need more help? section to contact IBM Cloud support.

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