Linux on Z and LinuxONE

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Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the United States, other countries, or both.

Within this information, 'Linux on Z and LinuxONE', 'Linux on System z' and 'Linux on z Systems' are used synonymously to refer to Linux running on an IBM mainframe system or IBM LinuxONE server.

What is Linux on Z and LinuxONE?

Linux on Z and LinuxONE is the synonym for Linux running on any IBM mainframe or IBM LinuxONE server, including:


Linux on Z and LinuxONE exploits the strengths and reliability features of the IBM mainframe and IBM LinuxONE server hardware, while preserving the openness and stability of Linux.
For more information refer to the Linux on Z homepage at:

Linux distributions for Z and LinuxONE are offered by Linux distribution partners (Canonical, Red Hat, and SUSE) who provide services and support.
Also, IBM offers services for all eligible Linux distributions for Z and LinuxONE and support for the distributions from Red Hat and SUSE.
For more information, please contact your IBM representative or business partner or call 1-800-426-4968 (U.S.) or the appropriate IBM number in your region.

What information is provided?

The information ins intended for system programmers: