What are Virtual Servers?

Virtual servers are scalable and come with dedicated core and memory allocations. They are a great option if you are looking for compute resources, that can be added in minutes, with access to features like image templates. The hypervisor is fully managed by IBM Cloud, and you can perform configuration and management tasks by using both the IBM Cloud customer portal and the API. Virtual servers are deployed to the same VLANs as physical servers, allowing you to spread workloads across virtual servers and bare metal servers while maintaining interoperability. Virtual servers are fully customizable when you ?order them, with options to scale up as your compute needs grow.

When you create a virtual server, you can choose between hourly and monthly billing. You can also choose between a multi-tenancy environment (public and transient} or a single-tenancy (dedicated) environment. Then, you can choose either high-performance local disks or enterprise SAN storage for your virtual server.

Virtual Server versions

Public virtual servers

Multitenant virtual server deployments give you rapid scalability and higher-cost effectiveness with pre-defined sizes.

Transient virtual servers

You call it "spot" pricing. We call it transient. This multitenant environment offers unused capacity at lower prices. When resources are needed, the workloads are deprovisioned.

Reserved virtual servers

Reserve up to 20 specific virtual server instances for guaranteed capacity.

Dedicated virtual servers

Single-tenant with rapid provisioning and flexibility, enabling virtual server placement control for workloads requiring physical isolation.

Virtual Servers features


Get unlimited inbound public and private network bandwidth. And 250 GB/month public bandwidth (with monthly virtual servers). IBM offers public and private network ports, geographically redundant DNS, and dual-stack IPv4- and IPv6-capability.

Security and compliance

Onsite security 24x7. Proximity and biometric access control. Digital security video surveillance.

System administration

Advanced system reporting. Automated OS reloads. Remote reboot and console access. Nimsoft monitoring.

Developer tools

IBM Cloud API. IBM Cloud Development Network. Digital transcoding. Email delivery service.

Auto Scale

Use auto scaling to automatically grow or shrink your cloud environment and never lift a finger again to deploy additional virtual servers or cancel unneeded ones.

Varied pricing options

Choose multitenant or dedicated for predefined sizes and costs in hourly and monthly billing cycles, multitenant transient ("spot" pricing) for on-the-fly capacity at lower prices, or reserved for guaranteed capacity to claim anytime.

Virtual Servers benefits


Public or dedicated virtual servers. Local or SAN storage. Deploy and scale with maximum workload placement. Hourly or monthly. Completely integrated.


Every virtual server guaranteed with no oversubscription on core or RAM.


Locations around the world to meet your users where they are.

How customers use it

Build highly available and scalable web apps

This tutorial walks you through the creation of a load balancer, two application servers running on Ubuntu with NGINX and PHP installed, one MySQL database server, and durable file storage to store application files and backups.

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Highly available and scalable web app using virtual servers

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