What is the IBM Garage?

The IBM Garage? is IBM's center for high-impact, client-centric innovation. ?The IBM Garage engages diverse, empowered teams that partner with you to apply purposeful technologies to quickly create and scale new, innovative ideas that can dramatically evolve your business to its next chapter.

Foundational to the IBM Garage is a unique methodology that curates the best practices in the industry, layered with a depth of experience only IBM can bring. ?Combine that with the right people — from across IBM, your team and our ecosystem — useful data, applied technology and intentional spaces, the IBM Garage can drive unprecedented transformational change.

With an IBM Garage experience, you can move faster, work smarter, ideate more rapidly and fundamentally change the way you work. ?

IBM Garage Methodology

IBM is the first organization to integrate methods from the experience layer, the global implementation layer, and cultural change into a single, seamless end-to-end approach: the IBM Garage Methodology. This methodology drives Enterprise Design Thinking?at scale, is built on agile principles for co-located and distributed teams, leverages DevOps tools and techniques for continued delivery and operations, fosters digital talent and culture change, and enables site reliability engineering.

The outside-in approach of the IBM Garage Methodology focuses first on business outcomes, not technology, and guides your solution journey from inception to delivery while de-risking innovation. ?This new way of working enables business, development and operations teams to continuously design, deliver and validate new solutions.

One week of design thinking, seven weeks of standup, and by the eighth week we had the app in the hands of our clients. One of the things I hear often from IBM is about earning the right to continue doing business with its customers. Outcomes like this are what earns it.

Mark Lack, Manager of Strategy, Analytics and Business Intelligence, Mueller, Inc.

Innovate with cloud and cognitive

For a hyper focus on cloud and cognitive solutions, the IBM Garage has dedicated people and purpose-built spaces ready to collaborate with you on your hybrid cloud or multicloud journey, and on your journey to becoming a cognitive enterprise. ?Using the prescriptive IBM Garage Method for Cloud, our designers, architects and developers can help you test boundaries, create minimum viable products (MVP) and develop leading-edge solutions with the IBM Cloud and Cognitive platform.

Case studies


IBM and Volkswagen co-created a mobility services app to reinvent the driving experience.

American Airlines

IBM and American Airlines are providing better customer service by empowering their passengers.

Kraft Heinz Company

IBM and Kraft are launching a state-of-the-art algorithm to deliver products to consumers more efficiently.


IBM and McLane are transforming a trucking company into an ad firm.

Experience the Garage

The IBM Garage experience can happen anywhere in the world, from purpose-built dedicated spaces to virtual environments designed to drive the right outcomes. With thousands of digital assets available through the IBM Garage, you have an unprecedented global network to tap into that grows daily.