Stop writing manual scripts

IBM? Automation Control for z/OS? is IT service management software that enables midsize organizations to automate their IBM Z? application environments. It offers tailorable, goal-driven and policy-based technology to manage complex system and application automation control challenges. It is designed to eliminate most common reasons for writing manual scripts and to reduce dependencies on system programming and operations resources. Automation Control for z/OS helps reduce IT costs, and improve system and application availability.

Reduce errors, outages and costs

Minimize dependence on manual scripts for fewer human errors, and thus, fewer outages. Reduce costs as automated operations replace labor intensive manual interventions.

Keep pace with evolving needs

Mitigate the drain of mainframe skills and meet changing service demands with policy-based automation to cut complexity, implementation time, coding and support.

Minimize administration, operation tasks

Use best-practices and policies for a variety of applications and subsystems to easily automate routine tasks and reduce manual time and effort.

IBM Automation Control for z/OS features

  • High availability and automated operations
  • Smart assistance for reduced configuration time
  • Policy-based, goal-driven automation
  • Automatic IPLs
  • Monitors and controls processor hardware operations