Service designed to chart your network’s future

IBM Technology Support Services for Cisco products integrates Cisco Smart Services into the IBM standard Managed Maintenance Services (MMS) offering. By using Cisco’s deep knowledge base, IBM's intelligent network support (INS) delivers a unique proactive support model which helps you identify problems before they occur and affect business operations. INS accurately pinpoints multiple exposures using a combination of proprietary algorithm methods, analytics and intelligence. It gives you well-structured output in the form of device-detailed report, a dashboard, & a holistic overview of the state of your network – including remedial actions.

Simplify support

Benefit from a single support provider for all Cisco products under one contract, one invoice and one call process to facilitate reduced complexity.

Increase network stability

Get preemptive identification of network exposures, notification of net-new alerts and regular tracking of environment changes over time.

Strengthened network security

Protect what you have through regular assessment of field notice alerts, security vulnerabilities, hardware and software life cycle announcements and current OS distribution status.

Better current and future planning

Receive visibility into the coverage status of your devices – enabling you to budget accurately and plan hardware refreshes – together with support coverage renewals far in advance.

Choose IBM Technology Support Services for Cisco Products

  • A strong partnership with IBM and Cisco
  • More efficient support through analytics
  • Structured and tailored output
  • Trending insights
  • Technical and consultative skilled resources
  • Proactive notifications
  • Innovative technologies for faster, better responses

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