What is IBM Cognos Analytics?

IBM Cognos? Analytics is a cloud-based business intelligence and analytics solution that makes it easy to visualize, analyze and share insights about your business.

Smarter business intelligence

Visualize your business performance

Create beautiful dashboards and reports with AI recommendations

Uncover what drives your performance

Unearth insights in your data using plain language, visual exploration and machine learning

Share insights with your team

Drive change in your organization with interactive, animated data stories

Create pixel perfect reports

Schedule and distribute your reports to thousands

Prepare and share data

Clean, join and share data with automation and built-in intelligence

Protect your data

Control access with role-based governance and single sign-on

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Trusted by thousands of companies around the world

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Optimized sales performance

“We are better prepared to adapt and overcome the challenges we will encounter as the retail industry changes.”

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Accelerated supply chain

“We wanted to take the emotion out of strategic decision-making and let data do the talking.”

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Increased fan engagement

“[We] rely on IBM to provide us with accurate and timely statistics and insights so we can tell [our] story…”

Visualize your business performance

  • Craft beautiful, interactive dashboards and compelling reports in a single tool
  • Discover superior visualizations for your data with AI recommendations
  • Overlay your data on the physical world with geospatial capabilities

Uncover what drives your business

  • Ask questions and get answers in plain language with the AI Assistant
  • Discover hidden patterns in your data with visual exploration tools that help avoid bias
  • View side-by-side comparisons of your data under different scenarios

Share insights with your team or organization

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  • Everything you do is saved in the cloud, so it can be accessed easily by others
  • Capture, annotate and share visuals over email or Slack
  • Combine charts into stories with overlays, voice-overs and interactive elements

Clean, join and prepare data easily

  • Import data from spreadsheets, CSV files, cloud or on-premises databases
  • Use machine learning to automatically discover and combine related data sources into a single, trusted data module
  • Add new columns to your data; perform calculations; split, reorder and hide columns
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Explore the features and experience of Cognos Analytics

Explore the features and experience of Cognos Analytics Take a product tour

Which deployment option is right for you?

Cloud Edition

A low-cost cloud service with all the features of Cognos Analytics. Starting at USD 15 per month.

Enterprise Edition

A dedicated service with the power to meet your critical performance needs

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