Db2 Event Store, now part of IBM Hybrid Data Management Platform.

Fast data event store and fast analytics for streamed data

IBM Db2? Event Store is an in-memory database designed to rapidly ingest and analyze streamed data in event-driven applications.


Get more value from streamed data

Icon representing the capability of the IBM Db2 Event Store solution to handle massive data ingests

Massive data ingests

Million rows per second per node; linear scale of compute and storage

Icon representing the real-time-analytics embedded in the IBM Db2 Event Store solution

Real-time analytics embedded — hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP)

Optimized for streamed data performance

Icon representing the Spark platform on which the IBM Db2 Event Store solution is built

Built on Apache Spark platform

Supports Spark API and native Db2 Event Store APIs (Spark: SQL, streaming, analytics and machine learning)

Icon representing the capability of the IBM Db2 Event Store solution to leverage the open data format

Leverages open data format

Apache Parquet open-source storage data format; no vendor lock-in for your data; separation of storage and compute

Icon representing the integrated environment feature of the IBM Db2 Event Store solution

Integrated environment

IBM Data Science Experience Local, with access to all of its features — built in

Which option is right for you?

Db2 Event Store Developer Edition

Install this no-cost edition for Mac, Windows or Linux to get the functionality of Db2 Event Store for developers. Intended for development use and trials, it supports a single user.

Db2 Event Store Enterprise Edition

Install this edition on a single Linux server or 3-node cluster. It adds support for high availability, REST APIs and an administration console.


The Lightbend Fast Data Platform and Db2 Event Store enable a new era of event-driven business insight and opportunity, while reducing complexity. IBM and Lightbend joint solutions provide a complete toolchain for Java? and Scala developers to easily build and deploy AI and cognitive applications in both on-premises and cloud environments.

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