How can IBM Inventory Visibility help my business?

How can IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility help my business?

Fulfillment and inventory managers don’t always have visibility into accurate inventory levels. This leads to lost sales, customers aggravated by overpromising, giving away margin due to markdowns and expedited shipping charges, carrying excess safety stock and limited ability to enter new sales channels.

IBM? Sterling Inventory Visibility enables up-to-the-minute inventory tracking and accurate available-to-promise data, even in businesses with high volumes and many SKUs. The cloud-based solution is demand-sensing and scales automatically without IT assistance. It integrates easily with your existing order management or ERP system as well as new sales channels.


Say “yes” more often to customers

See all inventory on hand across disparate systems and silos

Get accurate, scalable inventory views

Meet peak-period demand, avoid overpromising, lost sales and rush charges

Maximize inventory return on investment

Reduce safety stock and carrying costs, and increase inventory turns

Key features of IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility

  • Personalize dashboards
  • Balance inventory across channels
  • Get real-time views with Akamai gateways and Cassandra database
  • Gain an accurate view of warehouse and in-store inventory
  • Leverage autoscaling without IT assistance
  • Deploy, scale and update independently
  • Track inventory velocity
  • Enable drop shipping
  • Lay a foundation for AI optimization