The smart way to protect workers from risks

Each year, 377 million workers get hurt – some fatally. With billions lost in healthcare costs, productivity and non-compliance fines, companies need to advance worker safety. IoT and analytics draws real-time data? from wearable and environmental sensors to analyze and predict hazards and improve safety guidelines with continuous learning.


Modernizing worker safety

IBM is collaborating with Garmin Health, Guardhat, Mitsufuji and SmartCone on a solution designed to monitor biometric and environmental data from IoT devices in hazardous work environments.

Digital informs physical hazard protection

You can clear plant floors, install mirrors at corners, and maintain equipment. But workers get tired, distracted and have accidents. Wearable sensors that provide biometric data can help you monitor behavior, track vital signs and deliver more predictive protection.

 Digital informs physical hazard protection

Build personalized safety programs for your workplace

Use pre-built or customized “safety shields” that apply aggregate data results against your conditions to detect hazards. These shields are designed around typical use cases to provide intelligent insights about accident prevention for both employees and the general public.

Build personalized safety programs for your workplace

Products behind this solution

IBM Maximo

Essential insights for intelligent asset maintenance and operation

IBM Maximo Worker Insights

Powerful cloud-based solution that improves workplace safety and prevents accidents?using IoT technology and advanced analytics for predictive prevention and faster time to value

Client success

Nation Waste, Inc. wears safety on its sleeve

Waste and recycling company Nation Waste, Inc. is using IBM Watson IoT? for environmental sensors and wearables to identify potential workplace dangers. As a result, injury-related costs dropped 60 percent, productivity is up, and management processes are more streamlined.