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The IBM Partner Ecosystem

IBM PartnerWorld is a program developed for any business that wants to partner with IBM.?

About the program

Our Business Partners come from companies small and large; from those that sell IBM to those that use it; from traditional resellers to new, born-on-the-cloud companies; from solutions architects to deployment experts. We make the partnership about you — first and always.

Education and training

Build sales, marketing, and technical capabilities with Skills Gateway and IBM Value Package.

Marketing support

Access ready-to-use campaigns or apply for funding to launch demand generation campaigns.

Make connections

Connect with other Business Partners who have specialized expertise or solutions your business needs.

Advantages of being an IBM Business Partner

As a Business Partner, you become part of the IBM PartnerWorld ecosystem designed to help you achieve new levels of success.

The IBM Portfolio

Gain access to a portfolio with the depth and breadth to expand your expertise.

Training and support

Align your business with world-class training and expertise when you need it.

Find partners

Locate validated partners within the ecosystem that have specialized expertise and solutions.

IBM Cloud Credits for New Business Partners

IBM Cloud Credits for New Business Partners provides new partners with access to IBM Cloud technology to learn, test, demo, and develop solutions and accelerate their time to value and growth within their first 60 days.

  • USD 1,200 in IBM Cloud service credits

Accelerate change with software as a service. (SaaS)

Make more money while reducing client overage complaints.

IBM offers a comprehensive selection of SaaS offerings to meet your clients' needs.

Win more, win faster, with IBM hosted SaaS

Be ready for your clients' growing demand for SaaS.?Explore IBM SaaS incentives and discover a new path to profitable growth with SaaS offerings.??

Expand your reach, boost your bottom line, and simplify the sale with digital marketplaces

Develop and grow client relationships and annuity streams when you sell digital offerings delivered quickly and conveniently through IBM Partner Marketplaces.

The road to Red Hat

Join PartnerWorld and add Red Hat to your offering. Start now, here's how.

1. Join IBM PartnerWorld

3. Update your profile and add employees

4. Learn and get recognized

5. Explore Value Package

6. Attend Events

Learn and Get Recognized

The Business Partner Learning & Sales Enablement journey to success

Get Started?

  • Join IBM PartnerWorld
  • Identify your focus IBM? portfolio

Build Skills

  • Go to Skills Gateway
  • Take courses to gain sales and? technical skills

Get Recognized

  • Skills eminence
  • Attain badges and certifications

Grow Your Business

  • Access sales content in Seismic
  • Engage with clients to win

The IBM PartnerWorld program provides 3 paths


Designed for Partners that build innovative products.


Designed for Partners that provide value-add services.


Designed for Partners that sell products and services.

"PartnerWorld is the one place I go to get access to the resources I need to deliver the differentiated solutions my clients need to fuel their growth...and mine."

—John McDonald, CEO, ClearObject


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