An unprecedented time for teachers & students

IBM has experience, tools, and resources that can help ensure learning never stops

Technology and educational content to help teachers, students and parents stay connected and engaged

Almost a billion children have seen their schools close as a result of COVID-19.?As educators and parents look for solutions to keep children engaged and learning during these uncertain times, IBM is here to offer guidance.

Support includes tools and resources to help make remote learning effective and guidance for your role in the school community:

Recommended resources

IBM Watson Media

Share and replay large lectures and video content.

Cisco Webex Meetings

Host small virtual classroom meetups and parent conferences.

IBM Online Events and Learning

Access our free online learning resources to explore new ideas, topics and careers.

Free IBM Resources

Explore these free tools and resources for remote learning to help keep students engaged and on track.


IBM has a history of commitment to strengthening our communities, beginning with education.?As we navigate these uncertain times, IBM is identifying ways we can further support schools.?We are sharing the same tools that hundreds of thousands of IBMers use every day to collaborate globally, along with resources that can help support remote learning.


– Fletcher Previn, Chief Information Officer


Why IBM?

Every day, IBM delivers the best online meeting tools to enable our employees around the world to collaborate effectively.?We also have a proud history of working with thousands of educators globally through initiatives such as the P-TECH School Model.

During these unprecedented times, educators are turning to innovative solutions to help students keep learning.?The technologies and resources contained on these pages highlight IBM’s best practices and recommendations for engaging students remotely.

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