Explore Watson Health solutions to support the fight against COVID-19


COVID-19: Recover and reset

COVID-19 has resulted in significant operational stressors including staffing issues, changes in consumer demand, and serious financial and resource challenges. In addition, according to Gartner, confusing data from unverified sources, or sheer lack of data, leads to ill-informed decisions and escalating employee anxiety. Learn how healthcare providers can plan for recovery and future growth as they continue to adapt to “the new normal.”


Helping healthcare providers thrive under value-based care

To thrive in the value-based era, healthcare providers must improve clinical quality, reduce inefficiencies and manage costs. Solutions from IBM? Watson Health? enable healthcare providers and leaders to make more efficient and effective decisions that can drive results enterprise wide. With AI-powered clinical decision support, data-fueled insights and tools that facilitate automated population outreach, hospitals and health systems can optimize the performance of their entire organization.


Improve healthcare provider performance

Rich data, content and analytics

Leverage clinical data, content and advanced technologies like analytics and AI to help deliver value at scale.

Deep clinical expertise

Access health experts, clinical data and partners to support your digital transformation.

Security and trust

Partner with a proven leader in enterprise hardware, software and security.


Solutions that support healthcare providers enterprise wide

Healthcare provider solutions from Watson Health enable hospital and health system leaders to optimize performance while helping to improve patient and care team experiences. With solutions ranging from insights that support operations and planning, to tools that augment decision making at the point of care, Watson Health can help healthcare providers and leaders improve the performance of the entire enterprise. That’s good news for the organization, its providers and its patients.


Performance improvement

Healthcare provider looking at laptop computer while thinking

Apply rich data and advanced analytics to inform strategic planning and operations.

Clinical decision support

Healthcare provider pointing to image on a mobile device being held by a patient

Facilitate access to the latest evidence-based information at the point of care.


Patient engagement

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Empower patients with solutions that help improve health outcomes.

Enterprise imaging

Healthcare provider standing in front of computer workstation

Improve workflows and clinical care delivery with tools that help supply healthcare providers with the right data at the right time.

Consulting services

Healthcare provider consulting and analytics

Access specialized healthcare consulting services that can help healthcare providers and leaders improve clinical and business performance, while managing the impacts of health reform.

Success stories

Learn how Watson Health is helping healthcare providers embrace value-based care

Improving clinical care and reducing cost

Healthcare provider talking to elderly patient in clinic

Learn how IBM CareDiscovery? reduced lengths of stay and saved USD 12 million

Meeting quality metrics and enhancing patient care

Patient with diabetes injecting insulin into belly

Explore how IBM Phytel? Outreach helps manage patients with diabetes


Helping prevent errors and improve efficiency

Pharmacist filling medicine bottles on computer desk

See how IBM Micromedex? solutions support better pharmacy decisions

Informing radiologists with deep insights

Healthcare provider pointing to image on a mobile device being held by a patient

View how IBM Watson? Imaging Patient Synopsis brings relevant data forward